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Shifting Gears – Dice and Card Games

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“Worldwide, the number of people who can’t read a single word is around 1 billion people.”  —  This is one of the coolest interviews I’ve ever done.  Co-founder Dr. Stephanie Gottwald talks with us about her team’s vision to leverage mobile apps to teach reading in every corner of the world.  They are poised to

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Unlocking The Future For Our Indian Children: Embracing Ed Tech

Education has remained broadly the same for hundreds of years. Technology is changing that. Quickly.   And Indian parents and teachers are at the forefront of adopting Ed Tech tools to further support our children.   According to a recent article in the Indian Express, 95% of Indian parents were the most likely of any culture

Learning Disabilities

From Dr. Hart:  While there are many texts out there that discuss learning disabilities, this one does what few others do – gives real examples, concrete explanations, and better ways to plan for the future. If you’re new to this kind of information, learning how to read a research article may benefit you in the

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