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Fun, adventure and discovery for reading, writing and spelling.

What is Scribeasy?

Take the struggle out of your child’s writing! Scribeasy is a web-based app that leverages the power of imagination to help children hone their writing and emotional literacy skills. Scribeasy inspires children to broaden their vocabulary, writing original and diverse stories.

Interactive, multi-sensory and fun way to tell stories that YOU want to tell.

Scribeasy helps kids get started quickly and how to channel their imagination. Cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner suggests we are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it has been wrapped in a story – because stories are memorable.

Scribeasy is a personal, fun and compelling experience that helps each child build vocabulary, inventive thinking and learn spellings.

How it works:

  1. Choose inspirational pictures from our database
  2. Set your writing goals
    • How long would you like to write your story?
    • How many chapters do you want?
    • Choose your own spelling goal!


Planning, preparing, inspiring, producing, marking and assessing students’ writing is helped with this versatile and original tool. Available on any device with a web-browser, Scribeasy is creative writing for kids platform that provides a superb service for both teachers and students.

— 5 Star Teacher Review, Educational App Store

I just want to say how much my son (who was incredibly reluctant to do any writing before) enjoys Scribeasy, which is known to induce creative writing skills for kids. I never have to ask him twice to write a story!

-Parent, J W

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