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“Worldwide, the number of people who can’t read a single word is around 1 billion people.”  —  This is one of the coolest interviews I’ve ever done.  Co-founder Dr. Stephanie Gottwald talks with us about her team’s vision to leverage mobile apps to teach reading in every corner of the world.  They are poised to

Q&A with Rachel Berger: Tutorial for Microsoft’s Immersive Reader

Discover how Microsoft’s immersive reader offers a personalised text-to-speech feature to make reading more accessible to all learners In their second video discussion, Dr. Michael Hart and Rachel Berger dive into Microsoft’s immersive reader by sharing a step-by-step tutorial for the text-to-speech function, which offers a variety of personalised features to make reading more accessible

Interview with Rachel Berger: Free Ed Tech Tools from MicroSoft

Discover how Microsoft’s enhanced dictation tool is helping to eliminate barriers to academic success for students with learning difficulties. In his first video column, Dr. Michael Hart welcomes Rachel Berger, a Microsoft Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities Community Consultant, to share a brief history about Microsoft’s involvement in developing more assistive edtech tools, provide a demonstration

The Myth of Average: Todd Rose at TEDxSonomaCounty

From Dr. Hart: High school dropout turned Harvard faculty member Todd Rose talks about how a simple new way of thinking helps nurture individual potential. This is a critical message for all of us who work with or live with people who learn differently. Audience: AllSkill-level: All Learn more and watch the TED Talk by

Journey Into Dyslexia

From Dr. Hart:  Journey into Dyslexia is another exvellent video that helps all of us understand what dyslexia really feels like, what causes it and perhaps most importantly explodes many of the myths associated with our common misunderstandings.   Audience: Parents, Educators, Family MembersSkill-level: All audiences All audiences About Journey Into Dyslexia Oscar-winning filmmakers Alan

Embracing Dyslexia

From Dr. Hart:  This hour-long documentary dives into the social and emotional impact of dealing with dyslexia and the numerous misunderstandings that lead to frustration, confusion and even anger.  The directors deftly use personal stories to help others more deeply understand the experience of the dyslexic person. You may also visit and check our online