Learning Disabilities

From Dr. Hart:  While there are many texts out there that discuss learning disabilities, this one does what few others do – gives real examples, concrete explanations, and better ways to plan for the future. If you’re new to this kind of information, learning how to read a research article may benefit you in the

Speech to Print by Louisa Cook Moats

From Dr. Hart:  Whether you are an educator or a parent, Louisa Moats’ Speech to Print should be an absolutely essential book in your library.   This resource is by far the best reference text for understanding how language processing is linked with reading. As noted early on in the book, the connection between language processsing

Essentials of Dyslexia Assessment and Intervention by Nancy Mather and Barbara Wendling

From Dr. Hart: Nancy Mather and Barbara Wendling have the ability to write clearly about potentially complex issues related to dyslexia assessment and intervention.  The book serves as an excellent reference text and provides a common language for understanding and communicating about reading problems. Audience:  Educators and ParentsSkill-level: Entry Level to Intermediate Level About Essentials

Essentials of Assessing, Preventing and Overcoming Reading Difficulties by David Kilpatrick

From Dr. Hart:  David Kilpatrick’s book is a recent addition to the literature regarding assessment and treatment of dyslexia.  It serves us well as a bridge between the science of reading and how we go about testing and intervention. Rightly so, he calls into question several longstanding assumptions that require a closer look at learning

early stage

Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz

Including an exclusive recommendation from Dr. Hart

From Dr. Hart:  Overcoming Dyslexia is sort of the Ground Zero of accessible texts that help parents (and educators, for that matter) in the process of discussing Dyslexia and  understand what dyslexia is and what we can do to support our students who struggle with reading.  Although published in 2004, Dr. Shaywitz’s book remains very