True Literacy

Speech to Print by Louisa Cook Moats

From Dr. Hart:  Whether you are an educator or a parent, Louisa Moats’ Speech to Print should be an absolutely essential book in your library.   This resource is by far the best reference text for understanding how language processing is linked with reading. As noted early on in the book, the connection between language processsing and reading development is a glaring missing piece in teacher education.

Audience: Educators and Parents
Skill-level: Moderate to Advanced

About Speech to Print

Knowledge of language is the foundation for teaching children to read explicitly and systematically. In this thorough and accessible book, readers will understand the organization of written and spoken English; discover the connection between language structure and how individuals learn to read; get examples of students’ writing to help you interpret children’s mistakes; apply the concepts of phoneme awareness, spelling. vocabulary, and comprehension in sample lesson plans and adaptations. All of this will enable educators to identify, understand, and solve the problems students with or without learning disabilities may encounter when learning to read and write.