Social & Emotional Learning


Created by Academy Award winner Peggy Stern, SuperD!Ville is a really forward thinking and unique multimedia resource that combines videos with real kids and lessons plans for a broad range of social and emotional issues.  All of the kids who act in the videos have learning differences like dyslexia and ADHD. Learn More…

Be You

This Australian website “Be You” provides educators with knowledge, resources and strategies for helping children and young people achieve their best possible mental health.  It’s an excellent guide for educators and leaders who work with our children every day.  Learn More…

Overcoming the Odds

“This thought-provoking program explores why some children succeed in spite of the tremendous odds against them. What do resilient kids have in common, and what can we learn from their stories about parenting, educating and succeeding?”  –Connect With Kids Here are some more well-organized resilience-building lesson plans for different youth age groups:  Grades 3-5 and

27 Resilience Activities and Worksheets for Students and Adults

The team put together this excellent resource specifically for activities, worksheets and lesson plans in resilience building for both students and adults.  •27 Resilience activities and worksheets for students and adults Learn More…

Lesson Plans for Teaching Resilience to Children

This is an incredible resource for Social and Emotional Learning lesson plans as well as Lynne Manka’s philosophy regarding SEL. 175 pages of great stuff.  A wonderful long-term resource for you.   •175 pages of background and lesson plans Click here to download