Your Child Restored: From Suffering to Success The Emotional Process of Advocating for Your Child with Learning Issues

Time: 50 Minutes

Audience: Parents

Level: Either a good start or a great reminder

Your Child Restored: From Suffering to Success is a 5-part approach to help parents and caregivers protect their family’s hearts and souls while creatively approaching the task of managing their child’s needs.

Discovering that your child has a learning problem can be very confusing, frustrating and often overwhelming. Many of us, even bright, highly functioning people really struggle with figuring out what to do. You DO NOT have to feel intimidated. You DO NOT have to feel ill prepared.

There are many websites that will teach you about your rights and the law…my take is different…

This course is about the emotional preparation which leads to the intellectual preparation parents need to effectively advocate for their child with learning differences.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to fully accept and embrace your role as the child’s advocate
  • What the key is to educating your self so you can make informed decisions
  • How to think expansively and “build your village” of resources
  • What it means to advocate like an enlightened warrior
  • How to fit in time for nurturing your heart and soul (and your child’s!)

Click here to download the audio (MP3 – 35 MB)



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