This School Year Will Be Messy. That’s OK.

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This School Year Will Be Messy. That’s OK.

This is an extraordinary article to read and share in light of our experience with the pandemic. I feel so strongly that we assume social and emotional curriculum works like magic.  Not so…particularly when so many of us are stressed to the max right now.  This year it is about LISTENING and being comfortable with messiness and unpredictability.  If you’re calm, our kids will be calmer.

Click here to learn more: This School Year Will Be Messy. That’s OK.


  1. How we are really does have an affect on our children. They’re very aware of their surroundings and how we responded to things.

    1. I understand. Like everyone else, I had no conception that we’ve be going into our 3rd year of this mess. Stay strong!

  2. I’ve been learning to take it all in my stride. With 3 children at school, it’s been messy for the last 2 years so we’re getting into the swing of things constantly changing.

    1. Hi Melanie: Taking it all in stride is the best we can do. It’s shocking but the whole world is in this mess. Hope to see some light at the end soon. Peace, Michael Hart

  3. This world crisis is nothing compared to the ones in the first half of the 20th century. And the kids that came out of those crises were so much stronger individuals.

    1. It’s just unbelievable to me. Not even sure what the “new normal” will look like. Please take care of yourself and your family!

  4. You couldn’t have said it any better! With COVID still heavily around us and in us, everything about schooling is going to be messy. The current education systems all over the world didn’t have major disruptions like this one in mind!

  5. Indeed such a good read. This global pandemic really changed our daily life. We are all not prepared to this and definitely adjust drastically to how to adapt to the new normal.

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