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Cognitive Learning Ability Screening Score- Measure your Score Now! Our CLASSES assesses skills in different domains of cognitive functions required for literacy and numeracy at different ages, based on the latest evidence from the neuroscience of learning. READ MORE CLASS – Cognitive Learning Ability Screening Score Each individual’s brain possesses a distinct neural architecture, leading

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Cognitive Learning Ability Screening Score: A test of skills required to learn to read and do math

CLASS – Cognitive Learning Ability Screening Score

Thank you – Free Cognitive Learning Ability Screening Scores (CLASS)

Thank you for joining our community and committing to the mission to improve cognitive learning ability for students with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. You are now signed up for the Free Cognitive Learning Ability Screening Scores (CLASS) Screener . In the next hour, look for an email from “Michael Hart” with your link to

Cognitive Learning Ability Screening Scores (CLASS) – Free Sign Up

Education of Dyslexic Children

Is there a Brighter Side to Dyslexia?

One of the biggest blows to self-esteem is getting left behind even though you did your best. They say hard work always pays off. Sweat now and shine later. But how true do these words of encouragement hold for children with Dyslexia? Their struggles are all about overcoming Dyslexia. The majority of people think that

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The key areas of Assessing Dyslexia

Little attention was given to Dyslexia until its discovery, including the steady spread of its awareness. Even educators could not detect students with learning issues. Many children struggled with their ability to learn because educational institutes continued to stick to mainstream teaching styles. Even today, teachers in mainstream Indian schools are not equipped to manage

Dyslexia learning tools

7 Stress-beating exam tips for students with Learning Differences

Kshitij Raimane’s story was published in the Hindustan Times. Back in 2019, he was a second-year student in Master of Computer Application (MCA). He had Dysgraphia, a learning difference that impacted his handwriting and fine motor skills. Kshitij’s mother approached the university and college officials to request that her son be accommodated during the examinations.