CLASS - Cognitive Learning Ability Screening Score


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First performance based tool for cognitive abilities.

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CLASS - Cognitive Learning Ability Screening Score

Everyone's brain is wired in unique ways and that means we may see differences as academic and cognitive skills develop. The CLASS (Cognitive Learning Ability Screening Score) is a digital, interactive and fun tool that provides a comprehensive profile of a child’s strengths and difficulties in numerous domains required for reading and numeracy. CLASS is tailored for ages 5-18 (grades 1-12) and is available in English and Hindi. Try our free demo here.

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NERD Tools Foundation

NERD Tools Foundation is a not for profit organization that is building Tools for children and educators based on the latest Neuroscience Education Research and Development. The team at NERD comprises of the developers of DALI which is the Dyslexia Assessment for Languages of India and includes neuroscientosts, cognitive psychologists, technology developers.


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