Author: Punit Chanpura

Education of Dyslexic Children

Is there a Brighter Side to Dyslexia?

One of the biggest blows to self-esteem is getting left behind even though you did your best. They say hard work always pays off. Sweat now and shine later. But how true do these words of encouragement hold for children with Dyslexia? Their struggles are all about overcoming Dyslexia. The majority of people think that

dyslexia assessment

The key areas of Assessing Dyslexia

Little attention was given to Dyslexia until its discovery, including the steady spread of its awareness. Even educators could not detect students with learning issues. Many children struggled with their ability to learn because educational institutes continued to stick to mainstream teaching styles. Even today, teachers in mainstream Indian schools are not equipped to manage

Dyslexia learning tools

7 Stress-beating exam tips for students with Learning Differences

Kshitij Raimane’s story was published in the Hindustan Times. Back in 2019, he was a second-year student in Master of Computer Application (MCA). He had Dysgraphia, a learning difference that impacted his handwriting and fine motor skills. Kshitij’s mother approached the university and college officials to request that her son be accommodated during the examinations.

overcoming reading difficulties

How to help your child journey through Dyslexia

Parental guidance with the power tool called Research If you are a parent and your child has just been diagnosed with a learning challenge, you’re likely to have a lot of questions. Pediatricians, educational psychologists, and professional support groups can help assess and determine your child’s condition. They can also guide you, as a parent,

Dyslexia Association of India

Fuelling the progress of children with Dyslexia through governing non-profit associations in India

Who better than a parent to identify and understand their child’s struggles? Especially a child with dyslexia! When a child experiences challenges in reading, writing and comprehending, it’s the parents who are the first to notice. However, it may not entirely be understood if the child is actually struggling with any kind of learning difference.

online dyslexia courses

Nurturing your child’s growth with these three Online Dyslexic Courses

At True Literacy, we have a range of online dyslexic courses. Summing up the advantages of these courses will be easy but the big ‘why’ is what we’re here to discuss. It is important to understand why several parents and teachers have already started using these courses. To begin with, let us talk about the

Embracing Dyslexia

Embracing Dyslexia – Unravelling the Invisible Disability

Waht euw tinhk dyxlessia kloos liek. The disappearance of abstract words – disorientation – words appear in 3D… Wouldn’t this make you want to give up reading entirely? The mind of a person with dyslexia is not weak; their mind functions differently. What if you missed stepping out of the train because you couldn’t read

Understanding Dyslexia in Children

The Role of the Education System in India and its Relation Dyslexia

In India, academics is considered a fundamental parameter that defines one’s career prospects and capabilities. Every child or young student is driven by the core concept of scoring high marks for progressing to the next grade, and ultimately progressing in the future. Therefore, the need to achieve academic success becomes a priority in every Indian

debunking myths about Dyslexia

Dyslexia – The Misunderstood Learning Ability

When it comes to Dyslexia, we’re almost there in terms of understanding what it means for a child to live with this learning difference. Many parents whose children are challenged with a learning difference are compelled to delve deeper into learning more about it. However, there’s a large portion of people who have developed several