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debunking myths about Dyslexia

Dyslexia – The Misunderstood Learning Ability

When it comes to Dyslexia, we’re almost there in terms of understanding what it means for a child to live with this learning difference. Many parents whose children are challenged with a learning difference are compelled to delve deeper into learning more about it. However, there’s a large portion of people who have developed several

dyslexia assessment

Dyslexia Guide: How Parents and Teachers can Address the Learning Needs of a Dyslexic Child

One of the most common learning disabilities, and yet one of the least known in India, Dyslexia affects between 5%-12% of all students across the world. It is a special kind of learning difficulty that primarily affects the ability to identify, read, and spell words. For those who are unaware, Dyslexia is generally considered inherited.

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