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FREE - 200 Offline Activities To Try At Home
Why offline activities?

When the first lockdown was announced in March 2020, Mansi was running her mother in law's playgroup and nursery. There was one month left for school to close for the year.

To avoid spending too much online screen time, she came up with ideas that the children could do at home (since they couldn't go out to play) which did not require screen time.

Keeping that in mind, she started sending out one activity a day the students could do at home. She also posted them on her social media pages.

She received encouraging comments and decided to continue for a whole 200 days! The age range is flexible to primary students as well.

Hoping that these activities will be useful for you!

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Example Curriculum (over 200 activities available):

  • Activity 1 - Texture
  • Activity 2 - Cooking
  • Activity 3 - Special Food
  • Activity 4 - Shapes and Colours
  • Activity 5 - Set the Table
  • Activity 6 - Appliances
  • Activity 7 - Etiquette
  • Activity 8 - Songs
  • Activity 9 - Furniture
  • Activity 10 - Family
  • Activity 11 - Plants
  • Activity 12 - TV
  • Activity 13 - Dress Up
  • Activity 14 - Imitate
  • Activity 15 - Booklet
  • Activity 16 - Sibling
  • Activity 17 - Read
  • Activity 18 - Clothing
  • Activity 19 - Hygiene
  • Activity 20 - Fort
  • Activity 87 - Double Doodle
  • Activity 105 - I am a Superhero
  • Activity 137 - Snake Breathing
  • Activity 138 - Start Breathing
  • Activity 142 - Roll a Monster
  • Activity 155 - Secret Message
  • Activity 162 - Self Esteem Journal Prompt 1
  • Activity 196 - Resilience

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Meet Your Instructor:

Instructor Name: Mansi Chandorkar

Mansi Chandorkar if the founder of Shifting G.E.A.R.S. She has pursued her M.A. in Counselling Psychology and thereafter B.Ed. in Special Education-Learning Disability.  As a Special Educator, she has over 14 years of experience, working in inclusive schools in Mumbai (Beacon High) and Pune (The Orchid School). She was also the principal of Sunshine Nursery School 2019-2020.

She is also a content writer and a faculty member for online teacher training courses. She has been awarded, Best Subject Teacher twice (2015 and 2019), Wizard Teacher (2020) and Super Star Teacher (2021) at The Orchid School. She is also a recipient National Teacher Awardee (Special Educator) by CED Foundation Trust (2019) and International Corona Warrior Teacher by COAE (International Centre of Assessment for Excellence) in 2020.

Mansi believes that every child can learn. She is industrious and keeps upgrading and challenging herself by seeking new opportunities. She aims to create awareness about Learning Differences and hopes to bring about a shift in the mindset from awareness to acceptance to advocacy.