Structured Word Inquiry Tutoring: The "Why" of Spelling and Reading in English

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Each course will be approximately 30 to 40 mins

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Structured Word Inquiry Tutoring: The "Why" of Spelling and Reading in English
(2 ratings)
4 Students
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Each course will be approximately 30 to 40 mins



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Meet Your Instructor
Shawna Pope-Jefferson

Member of the American Speech, Language and Hearing Assoc.

Shawna Pope-Jefferson has been a speech-language pathologist for 23 years. The beginning of her work experience in Chicago afforded her the opportunity to work in early intervention, schools, nursing homes and hospitals. Upon returning to Southern Illinois she gained experience in traumatic brain injury before moving on to teach in higher education. She was a senior lecturer and clinical supervisor at SIU-C for 9 years before moving into private practice. During her career in higher education she began to focus on language and literacy disorders. It is in this study in which she found her passion. She has attended continuing education seminars on dyslexia and language-based learning disabilities and has attended numerous courses with the pioneers of Structured Word Inquiry for the past 3 1/2 years. She has about 300 hours in coursework and several hundred more in self-study and practice with clients.

Happy Student
2 years ago

“Shawa has been great, she is the only tutor I have actually liked and I look forward to our lessons. And I can actually read and write well now, before I could not read or write beyond a few words. Some of my favorite words that we’ve studied are mutate, reef and espionage.” - Happy Student

Happy Parent
2 years ago

We are thrilled to work with Shawna Pope-Jefferson and recommend her wholeheartedly. When we discovered Structured Word Inquiry at first it was so different from the other dyslexia interventions we had tried and it took time to understand the process of studying words, but my son and I quickly saw how much more effective it is at teaching him to decode. When we first started my son would give up easily and not be able to focus, but Shawna never gave up on him. She is the most dedicated educator I have ever come across. My son learns about the meaning behind words and he connects it to real life, which makes it so much more interesting for him. Shawna is also very effective at figuring out how to motivate kids; for instance, my son loves learning about complex, interesting words but has less focus when it comes to simple, smaller words so each lesson Shawna focuses on something he is interested in - like espionage - but then breaks down the lesson to include smaller and necessary words. I’m amazed that my twelve year old goes to a full day of school and then WANTS to do his structured word inquiry lesson, but he does because he realizes how valuable it is and he actually looks forward to working with Shawna. - Happy Parent

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