30 Fun Dice and Card Games to Enhance Mathematical Skills

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30 Fun Dice and Card Games to Enhance Mathematical Skills
2 Students
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Primary and Middle School Level


Calling all adults: want to make math more fun for you and the kids you teach? This one's for you!

This three-hour self-paced online course will make Mathematics more interesting and non-threatening through 30 fun dice and card games.

You will learn to improve your basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, strengthening your foundation for the most complex mathematical problems. You will also develop a range of other skills implicitly.

Equip yourself with the expertise and resources you need to make the journey of mastering Math easy, engaging, and enriching. Students will never dodge Math practice again!

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Three-hour self-paced online course



Platform selling points
  • Finds it challenging to get children to regularly practice vital mathematical skills Wants to make learning mathematics enjoyable and interesting Wants to help students overcome the fear of mathematics Wants to use simple and effective math games that require the least preparation You will learn multiple games under each of the following headings: Numeracy Concepts Computational Skills Fractions and Decimals Integers and Measurement Exponents and Statistics Content:

  • Detailed instructions on how to play with guiding images for each game Video demonstrations of select games Online links for dice and plating cards Downloadable game boards Variations for the games LIFE TIME ACCESS to the course FREE updates in the course Members ONLY Community

  • Anywhere, anytime. HIgh quality material that is research-based. Affordable.

  • Opportunities for free Q&A from the experts!

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Meet Your Instructor
Mansi Chandorkar M.A M.A

founder of Shifting G.E.A.R.S

Mansi Chandorkar if the founder of Shifting G.E.A.R.S. She has pursued her M.A. in Counselling Psychology and thereafter B.Ed. in Special Education-Learning Disability. As a Special Educator, she has over 14 years of experience, working in inclusive schools in Mumbai (Beacon High) and Pune (The Orchid School). She was also the principal of Sunshine Nursery School 2019-2020, Keeping that in mind, she started sending out one activity a day the students could do at home. She also posted them on her social media pages. She received encouraging comments and decided to continue for a whole 200 days! The age range is flexible to primary students as well.

Happy Student
2 years ago

It is never too late to like / enjoy Math if Alpha Ma'am is your Math Teacher. This is what I experience as her student as Math was my challenge and I had to like it in order to reach my Remdedial students. She imparts with enthusiasm, warmth, humilitiy & creativity making sure that each of her students have understood. Alpha Ma'ams commitment to motivate every student is commendable. God Bless You abudandly Dear Ma'am in all your endeavors. Your inspired student, Rowena.

Happy Student
2 years ago

Mansi Madam, she is the perfect blend of CREATIVITY AND APPLICATION. The concept just gets into your head and she also makes how to apply it in your daily life. Very crisp and clear in her instructions and makes her sessions alive with multiple games and group activities

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