InferCabulary Pro: Awesome Mutisensory Digital Vocabulary Tool

I had the pleasure of interviewing Beth Lawrence, the co-creator of InferCabulary Pro, a very impressive educational software tool for vocabulary development.  It is well worth your time to learn more about what she and her partner, Deena Seifert, have created.

Their approach to developing InferCabulary Pro reflects solid evidence-based research and includes many valuable features and functionalities such as:

  • Accessible on any internet-connected device including computers, tablets and smart phones
  • Benefits students from Grade One through Grade Twelve
  • Can be used for one-on-one tutoring, small classroom groups or the entire class
  • Leverages visual imagery to aid in semantic reasoning and “deep reading”

Later in our conversation, Beth and I also talk about their norm-referenced Test of Semantic Reasoning (TOSR) available through Academic Therapy Publications.  The TOSR is also getting great reviews and is another great assessment tool for our kids who learn differently.

Download the audio (34.6 MB)



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