True Literacy

Dyslexia Interventions In the Classroom: Choosing and Implementing Dyslexia Intervention Programs In the Classroom

2 Hours

Educators, Educational Specialists, School Administrators

Intermediate to Advanced

This two hour course is a follow up from our previous course entitled Dyslexia Screening in Schools: Supporting Our Teachers By Doing it Right!

In the first course, you learned best practices for both evaluation and implementation of an effective dyslexia screening process in your schools.

Now in this course we will provide a clear “map” for selecting and implementing intervention programs based on the results of the universal screening process.

Our goal is to offer a framework to make your job easier!

In this course, you will learn:

  • The importance of understanding literacy and math skills development for ALL educators
  • A map for assessing which intervention approach is best for your school or district
  • Guiding recommendations for appropriate intensity and duration of interventions at multiple levels
  • Specific examples of intervention approaches

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