Dyslexia Training Modules

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We provide the information and resources necessary to help parents and educators meet the academic needs and provide the emotional support for students with dyslexia.
What Our Program Offers:

The Dyslexia Training Program provides the information and resources necessary to help parents, educators, and learning specialists understand how to better meet the needs of students with dyslexia.

In addition to targeted course modules, the program includes:

  • Direct consultation from literacy experts including Dr. Michael Hart, the creator of the Dyslexia Training Program

  • Instant access to a community of like-minded peers through our professional learning communities on social media.
Our Unique Course Format:

Each module will provide participants with recorded presentations discussing the topic, supporting videos for a deeper dive, and a list of recommended research papers and articles. Sign up for your free modules to experience it for yourself:

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Available Modules

Free Access! Course Module 1: What is Dyslexia? - This introductory course, available free to all users, is the perfect fit for anyone interested in learning more about the signs and science of dyslexia. Join Dr. Hart as he provides an overview to explain what dyslexia is, what the signs are, and the strong connection between oral language and dyslexia.

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Course Module 2: Crossing the Chasm: Explaining an Odd Dilemma in Dyslexia - In this module, explore the needs for proper educator support and training during and after formal education. Dr. Hart dives into the global landscape of dyslexia intervention in schools, using the successes and challenges of the United States as a relevant example. Participants will be informed on the latest research in India and best practices being used in early intervention and early screening.

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Course Module 3: What to Look For: Dyslexia at Different Ages - This module is perfect for parents, educators, and learning specialists to learn how to recognize the signs of dyslexia and how dyslexia manifests differently at different ages. Discover key signs across various groups including: early childhood, second grade and beyond and into adulthood.

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Meet Your Instructor

Michael Hart, Ph.D has more than 25 years of experience as an international child psychologist, literacy expert, entrepreneur, and consultant. His work is used by some of the leading international organizations focused on moving the needle in society's understanding of learning differences. Some of his most notable achievements include:

  • Recent co-chair of UNESCO's Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) advisory committee, which oversees a large-scale literacy development project across India.
  • Literacy expert for Understood.org, one of the largest global repositories of information on learning and attention issues.

Dr. Hart's mission is to help individuals and their support systems develop a clear path to move beyond their diagnosis, empowering struggling learners and their communities with the language and understanding to develop proper treatment plans and select interventions to help those affected lead more fulfilling and successful lives. Today, a key part of this mission is to educate communities around the world about the latest changes and possibilities in literacy development research, tools, and products.

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Technical Requirements
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To access The Dyslexia Training Program, members need:

  • An internet enabled device with audio capabilities
  • High-speed internet connection
  • A webcam is optional but recommended